Clinical Research Center PI-House

A professional medical facility whose goal is to combine medical activities
with the constant development of medicine. We want as many people as possible to learn about the possibilities, benefits and rules of participating in clinical trials.
We specialize in conducting phase II, III, and IV clinical trials in several therapeutic areas.

Skład naszej kadry stanowią wykwalifikowani specjaliści z różnych dziedzin medycyny. Nasi lekarze, prócz prowadzenia badań klinicznych, świadczą również usługi w naszej przychodni w ramach specjalistycznych poradni.

Clinical tests

Lekarzy BADACZY - współpraca

Our Center is a perfect place to work and gain experience
w badaniach klinicznych dla lekarzy różnych specjalizacji.

Clinical trials

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A rich collection of information that should be read by every patient who wants to broaden their knowledge
about clinical trials.

Clinical trials

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Outpatient clinical trials in cooperation with doctors with extensive experience of over a dozen years
in conducting clinical trials.


For patients -

We will take care of your health in a pleasant atmosphere. Learn more about our clinics.

conducted Clinical Trials

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CBK PI-House Member of the SCRS

Ladies and gentlemen! We are pleased and proud to announce that PI-HOUSE has been accepted to the Society for Clinical Research Sites (SCRS), a global association of clinical research centers,

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