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Our goal is for as many people as possible to learn about the possibility and rules of participating in clinical trials. Thanks to this, you will be able to help yourself, family members and other relatives.

Clinical trials, apart from being a chance to improve health in individual people, are also an indispensable condition for the development of medicine. Thanks to them, they become widely used, more and more new drugs. Participation in a clinical trial is a form of help not only for yourself, but also for many other people suffering from the same disease.


President of the Board - Hanna Badzio-Jagiełło


Clinical trials

Exerienced Specialists

The researchers cooperating with CBK PI-HOUSE have experience in phase II-IV of clinical trials in many therapeutic areas.

Wide range of actions

We conduct outpatient clinical trials in many specialties. Participants of clinical trials have the opportunity to take advantage of a free internal and psychiatric consultation at CBK PI-House. Each participant of a clinical trial undergoes thorough, comprehensive diagnostics. After completing the participation in the clinical trial, you can benefit from treatment in our clinics.

A chance for a Patient

Patients who have not been helped by the standard treatment available so far have a chance to improve their health by participating in international projects with the use of innovative substances.

Medical activities CLINICS

We encourage you to use commercial services provided by doctors in individual clinics at CBK PI-House:

  • Mental Health Clinic
  • Diabetes outpatient clinic
  • Health Promotion Clinic
  • Geriatric outpatient clinic
  • Sleep Disorders Clinic
  • Dietitian's tip

and additional services as part of private practices such as:

  • Pulmonological outpatient clinic
  • Sleep apnea outpatient clinic

We have full diagnostic and laboratory facilities at the clinic.

We provide our patients with comprehensive medical services of the highest quality, with simultaneous care for a pleasant atmosphere.

More information about services and price list, you will find in the Clinic tab

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