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It is important to remember that every drug available in pharmacies has been evaluated in clinical trials.

KNEE joint degeneration

Osteoarthritis it may even concern 20% inhabitants of Poland. It is more common in older people. Many people, because of this, struggle with daily pain that makes movement difficult, often take painkillers and report for medical consultations. X-ray examination of the knee joints reveals narrowing of the joint gap and the presence of geodes.
The treatment methods offered by modern medicine include injection into the knee or surgery to replace the knee with an artificial one. Better delivery drugs are being introduced into the treatment, which significantly reduce the discomfort and postpone the procedure for many years. 

1. Do you suffer from knee pain?
2. Is this why you are taking painkillers, oral or intra-articular injections?
3. Did you have X-ray of your knee because of this?
4. Has X-ray of the knee shown degenerative disease, osteophytes and / or narrowing of the joint gap?

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Clinical trials
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