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It is important to remember that every drug available in pharmacies has been evaluated in clinical trials.


ACNE ordinary is one of the most common skin diseases. Applies to more than 80% adolescents and young adults. The cause of the disease is complex. Depending on the severity, it is characterized by the appearance of blackheads and inflammatory changes (papules, pustules, cysts) that may go away with scars and discoloration.
Skin lesions are most often located on the face, less often on the back, chest or other location. In most cases, acne is mild to moderate and can be successfully treated with local therapy.
Approximately 15% patients are severe and may be associated with persistent complications such as scars and discoloration, hence treatment should be initiated as early as possible. Acne has a significant impact on the emotional zone and can significantly reduce the quality of life of patients.

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