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Recruitment department and marketing

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CBK PI-House focuses on development!

The PI-House Clinical Research Center is a perfect place to work and gain experience in clinical trials for doctors of various specialties. Doctors conducting the study participant act as researchers. The physician responsible for the entire study is the Principal Investigator. "PI" in the name PI-House is an abbreviation of Principal Investigator - that is, the Chief Investigator - our name means the House of the Chief Investigator.
We want the researchers working with us to feel at home here.

Possibilities cooperation

  • Chief Researcher - is the doctor responsible for the entire clinical trial in the center. His duty is to supervise the safety of all patients participating in the study and the work of the entire research team and all doctors in the study. Often, he is also actively recruiting patients. It doesn't have to, but it can guide patients. The Principal Investigator oversees all work in a clinical trial in accordance with the principles adopted by world-leading organizations, such as the American Food and Drug Administration. These principles are summarized in the Principles of Good Clinical Research Practice. A physician who decides to conduct the study as the Principal Investigator may offer his patients the opportunity to receive unapproved but promising treatments and at the same time take an active part in assessing the effectiveness and safety of these drugs. The work of the Chief Researcher is associated with a bit more responsibility and availability, but does not have to mean spending the whole days at the facility - usually, the study can be directed from the outside. You should only be in CBK PI-House in certain situations, and our assisting staff is always on site.
  • Co-researcher - is the doctor who leads patients in a clinical trial. Patients receive the so-called test substance. The researcher is obliged to visit the study participants - in accordance with its protocol, GCP (Good Clinical Practice) guidelines and Polish regulations. Like every doctor, the co-researcher provides patients with the best medical care. Additional responsibilities arising from work in a clinical trial may include more frequent telephone contact with the patient. Moreover, apart from ordinary paper documentation, researchers are required to enter information into electronic research databases. Before starting work, each doctor is thoroughly trained in the procedures applicable for a given examination
  • Recruiter - is a person (usually a doctor), cooperating with a clinical trial center. Actively searches for and directs a patient who meets the inclusion criteria according to the study protocol prepared by the Principal Investigator



CBK PI-House offers researchers and co-researchers

  • administrative facilities
  • office and medical equipment
  • support staff (nursing and laboratory)
  • assistance of coordinators in conducting research

Working with us, you will gain valuable experience on many levels

  • active participation in the development of medicine
  • the ability to access the latest medical achievements
  • cooperation with the largest pharmaceutical companies
  • international contacts with outstanding doctors and drug engineers
  • trips to Polish and foreign conferences,
  • constantly expanding knowledge about the effects of drugs and their design
  • access to reliable patient test results

Working with us will allow you to develop your language skills – even if you first need help, you will quickly notice how your medical English improves.

When deciding to work with us, you do not have to immediately declare the number of hours spent working at the center. It all depends on the number of patients and tests you want to conduct. The doctors who work with us often organize their time in a way that allows them to combine research at CBK PI-House with work at the clinic.

You decide for yourself how much do you work and how much do you earn

Earnings in a clinical trial depend on the budget of the trial, negotiated with the sponsor - that is, a pharmaceutical company wishing to introduce the tested substance to the market in a given indication. CBK PI-House helps principal investigators negotiate the best contract terms for clinical trials.

Contact us and we will present you the full offer, including the rules of settlements and earnings in clinical trials!

Welcome cooperation

We invite doctors of various specializations and resident doctors to work in research projects conducted in our center. If you are interested, please contact us by e-mail at:

Clinical tests currently recruiting

  • migraine
  • schizophrenia
  • bipolar disorder
  • zaburzenia osobowości typu Borderline 
  • depression
  • Alzheimer's disease
  • cukrzyca typ II
  • łuszczyca (dorośli i dzieci)
  • atopowe zapalenie skóry (dorośli i dzieci)