SHIELD, financial rebates during the epidemic

What changes? What possibilities? What help

  1. Disability certificates, issued by the Municipal Disability Adjudication Group based in Gdańsk, ul. Dyrekcyjna 5, whose validity expires after 06/02/2020, remain valid for the entire duration of the epidemic status and for another 60 days after its announcement.
  2. Judgments on incapacity for work / independent existence as well as rehabilitation benefits and periodic pensions issued by ZUS, which expire after April 1, 2020, will be extended until the end of the epidemic, only on the written application submitted by the patient together with the necessary documentation.
  3. If the deadline for payment for perpetual usufruct expires by 31/03/2020, it is moved to 30/06/2020. Municipal authorities are given the opportunity to extend this period until 20.09.2020
  4. Entrepreneurs are exempt from fees for RTV from 1.04.2020. until the end of the epidemic is announced.
  5. Employers have the option of postponing the date of advance payment for income tax on salary payments from March and April to 1.06.2020.
  1. PIT and CIT taxpayers have the option of deducting losses incurred due to the epidemic in 2020. on revenues for 2019, subject to a decrease in revenue of at least 50%, compared to the revenues achieved in the previous year.

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