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CBK Pi-House is the perfect place to work and gain experience for doctors of various specialties.

CBK PI-House focuses on development!

The PI-House Clinical Research Center is a great place to work and gain experience in clinical trials for doctors of various specialties. Doctors leading the study participant act as researchers. The doctor responsible for conducting the entire examination acts as the Chief Investigator. "PI" in the name PI-House is an abbreviation of Principal Investigator - meaning Chief Researcher - our name means House of Chief Researcher.
We want the researchers working with us to feel at home here.

Welcome cooperation

We invite doctors of various specialties, resident doctors to work in research projects carried out in our center. Interested persons are welcome to contact us by email at the following address:

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We are looking for general medicine doctors, specialists and resident doctors who:

A) would like to conduct patients in our clinical trials (co-investigator position) or
B) would like to take care of a clinical trial as part of their specialization (principal investigator position).

Earlier experience in clinical trials is advisable, but it is not required by us. We are looking for ambitious people who want to develop and are able to organize their time skillfully.

Knowledge of English is an advantage, but if you do not feel confident, we have staff who will be able to help you. Hardly any workplace offers such flexible hours and individually adjusted work quantity - you work only as much as you can and feel like it! Doctors who would like to help their patients get acquainted with our offer of clinical trials and refer patients to the corresponding examinations.

Do you want to join the group of doctors cooperating with us? Fill out the contact form!

CBK PI-House offers researchers administrative facilities, properly equipped rooms, office and medical equipment as well as support staff - necessary to conduct the study. We also take care of providing coordinators to assist in conducting the study.

Earnings in a clinical trial depend on the budget of the study, negotiated with the sponsor – a pharmaceutical company wishing to introduce the test substance to the market in a given indication. PI-House helps the main researchers in negotiating the best terms of the contract for conducting a clinical trial.

Contact us and we will present you the full offer, including the rules of settlements and earnings in clinical trials!

The whole team takes part in the clinical trial: doctors - researchers and Chief Investigator - auxiliary medical staff, as well as the study coordinator who helps in the implementation of the procedures described by the study protocol and is a great help to the clinical team.


The researcher is the doctor who conducts the patients in a clinical trial. Patients receive the so-called test substance. The investigator’s duty is to conduct visits with participants in the study – in accordance with its protocol, guidelines of GCP (Good Clinical Practice) and Polish regulations. Like any doctor, the co-researcher provides patients with the best medical care. Additional responsibilities resulting from working in a clinical trial may include more frequent telephone contact with the patient; in addition to regular paper documentation, researchers are required to enter information into the electronic test databases. Before starting work, each doctor is thoroughly trained in the procedures in force for a given examination.

Chief Researcher

The Chief Researcher is the physician responsible for the entire clinical trial at the center. His duty is to supervise the safety of all patients participating in the study and the work of the entire research team and all doctors in the study. Often, he also actively recruits patients. He does not have to, but he can lead patients as well as other researchers.

The Chief Researcher oversees all work in a clinical trial in accordance with the rules adopted by world-leading organizations such as the US Food and Drug Administration. These rules are compiled in the Good Clinical Practices Principles.

A doctor who decides to conduct a study as a Chief Investigator may offer his patients the opportunity to receive yet unapproved but promising treatments, while also actively participating in assessing the efficacy and safety of these drugs.

Our team will do their best to facilitate your start in clinical trials.

If you want to learn more about clinical trials themselves, please visit & #8211; for patients and participants, Fr. clinical trials.

You will gain valuable experience in many areas, i.e .:

– active participation in the development of medicine,
– cooperation with the largest pharmaceutical companies,
– international contacts with prominent physicians and drug engineers,
– trips to Polish and foreign conferences,
– constant extension of knowledge about the effects of medicines and their design.

Working with us will allow you to develop your language skills – even if you first need help, you will quickly notice how your medical English improves.

When deciding to work with us, you do not have to immediately declare the number of hours spent working at the center. It all depends on the number of patients and tests you want to conduct. The doctors who work with us often organize their time in a way that allows them to combine research at CBK PI-House with work at the clinic.

You decide how much you work and how much you earn

Work, as the Chief Researcher, is associated with slightly greater responsibility and availability, but it does not have to mean spending whole days in the center - usually the study can be conducted from outside. In CBK PI-House you should be only in certain situations, and our assisting staff is always on site.

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