Clinical trials

It is important to remember that every drug available in pharmacies has been evaluated in clinical trials.


Clinical trials
Study 1

One of the obstacles to improving the situation in terms of stroke the stereotype that a stroke is a disease of the elderly is repeated over and over again, a fate that can only be opposed to a small extent. It's not true! A past stroke is not a sentence! This is a signal to take the appropriate steps to minimize the risk of another stroke. If you are struggling with this topic, please contact us.

1. Czy masz powyżej 40 lat?
2. Czy przyjmujesz leki na cholesterol ATORVASTATYNA 40-80MG ROSUVASTATYNA 20-40MG?
3. Czy Twój wynik LDL wynosi > 100?
4. Czy poziom TG (trójglicerydów) wynosi > 150?

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