PI-House understands this and appreciates it. Our mission is twofold: we want to make our part in development of medicine and give our patients the opportunity to take advantage of her latest achievements. Clinical trials are a unique opportunity to take advantage of experimental treatment. In the case of some serious diseases, clinical trials represent a remarkable opportunity to improve – unprecedented in the current treatment.

Sometimes the effects of the test substances themselves are less spectacular, but participants of the study can at any time benefit from access to our excellent doctors and specialists, regular visits and diagnostics; in a clinical trial, the contact with the attending doctor is much closer than in a clinic. Participation in clinical trials is always voluntary and subject to strict control – it can be interrupted, at any time, and the health and safety of participants are in the first place. By guiding our patients to a research, we have in mind all the benefits they can possibly get in the trial.

If you suffer from a disease or someone close to you is ill and the doctor has used all available treatments, but he could not get a cure or a clear improvement, it is worth trying of some new methods used in clinical trials.

We care about you!