Intranational meeting of a clinical trials specialists group in Krakow

On June 29, 2017, an international SCRS Ambassador Symposium in Poland took place in Krakow, in which our center took part, represented by – Dr. Hanna Badzio-Jagiełło and Hanna Kuśmierek. The symposium was organized by SCRS – a global association of centers conducting clinical trials.

The meeting was held in a wide range of professionals from the clinical research industry, representing both centers, CROs and sponsors. The themes of the presentations and discussion panels were the latest trends in the industry and the upcoming challenges for research centers. Also discussed are current topics such as recruitment strategies and risk-based monitoring.

Since 2015, the PI-House Clinical Research Center has been an active member of the SCRS: our employees regularly participate in trainings organized by the association and provide them in working groups to improve the clinical trials leaded in the centers.