European funds - Realized Project

"Developing services, products and increasing the level of security of sensitive data in the field of clinical trials at the PI-House Clinical Research Center Ltd"

Project goals:
1. Offer of a new geriatrics clinical research service and diagnostic research products,
2. Improving the quality of clinical trials offer services provided so far,
3. Increasing export sales.

Planned effects:
1. Higher efficiency and operational safety
2. Higher export sales

Awaited results:
1. Optimization, improvement and acceleration of processes in the company (lower operating costs, saving employees time, better control over
2. Modernization of the company in the area of service offer development,
3. Higher product quality due to improved service provision process.

Project value:  PLN 110,050.00

Project co-financing from the EU:  PLN 53 924.50

Beneficiary's own contribution:  PLN 56 125.50