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Who can participate in our clinical trial?

Before you receive a substance help in a disease You are suffer from, while participating in a clinical trial, you will be carefully and very specifically diagnosed. The doctor who take care of you during the clinical trial must be sure that you do not have any disease that you have not been diagnosed with before, and that you have no condition to which the substance used in the study might interact with, for example, increase the slight in blood pressure, cause the lack of respond on the drugs you are taking.
All the results of tests carried out during the clinical trial will be available to you with a possibility to pass them to the doctor leading you.

Do I have a guarantee that my health will improve?

If the previous tests turned out to be effective and safe, you will receive a medication generally used in case pf your illness or as a test substance. It may also happen that you will get a placebo – an inactive substance that does not affect the body.
In each of these cases, you can feel better, worse or not feel any changes, as in any commonly used treatment.
If you do not enjoy the health benefits of participating in the study, the doctor, in consultation with you, will present you other further treatment options.

How to take part in a clinical trial?

If you suffer from a chronic disease in which the available treatments have turned out to be incomplete or insufficient, you can try to get help by taking one of our clinical trial.

Fill the contact questionnaire – name or your pseudonym, phone number and contact or e-mail address.

We will contact you as soon as possible. During a telephone conversation, you will be asked to provide more detailed information about your health condition.

The decision about your participation in one of our studies will be made by a specialist after a personal contact.

Can I feel safe?

Your health

Our clinical trial center is under a strict supervision of the relevant authorities, subject to all required legal regulations. You can read about them through the information on our website; “About clinical trials”.

Each participant of our clinical trial for the entire duration of the clinical trial remains under the strict control of a specialist doctor.

At the beginning of our study, every patient is subjected to an accurate diagnosis.

The final decision on whether you will take part in the study will be made by a specialist doctor conducting this study based on the inclusion and exclusion criteria specified in the study.

There is no guarantee that your health will improve during the test, but if you do not take health benefits from the research, you can give up your treatment at any time, the operator of the flowerbinder is constantly monitoring your health and if you decide that you do not benefit from the participation in the study, he will turn it off after getting your approval (we will offer you to end your participation in the study).

Your Personal Data

By contacting us, we only need your name / pseudonym / telephone number and additionally your residence address code.

We provide your personal data only to your personal doctor, which are always under a medical confidentiality.

Who can participate in our clinical trials?

The participant in our clinical trial may be a person with a relevant disease, which is covered by a specific examination, for example a disease for which the sponsor – a pharmaceutical company is looking for a new, more effective and safer treatment.

Often only people in a specific phase of the disease or with a specific severity can participate in the study.

All limitations of participation in a clinical trial are important for obtaining data suitable for statistical processing and, above all, for the safety of the participant.

The participant’s safety is an important subject for the sponsor; persons receiving drugs whose interaction with the test substance is unknown or disadvantageous to the participant, people with an additional disease which may be adversely affected by the test substance, or any disease whose course is unstable and can change the possible treatment, can not be part of the study.

These and many other health restrictions will be included from the treatment sponsor in the exclusion criteria of the study.

A very important limitation that every participant of the study must consent to, is to refrain from becoming a parent during the treatment, and sometimes also for a time after the treatment, determined by the sponsor. The effect of any substance on the conceived child cannot be precisely defined and the threat cannot be completed.

The inclusion and exclusion criteria are carefully evaluated during the initial consultation by the investigator – the investigating physician – he / she makes the final decision about the participant’s ability to take part in the study.

What should be done before your first visit?

The first visit to our Center may seem astonishingly long. We want to take care of you and a detailed interview and numerous procedures are necessary to provide you with the best possible care. The first visit is usually time-consuming and rarely takes place on an empty stomach. Our doctor will inform you when you should stay on an empty stomach, so do not get tired of coming to us without breakfast. Remember to take your reading glasses or contact lenses in case of using them.

At the first visit in our center, the doctor will provide a specialist consultation. We need to collect all necessary information about your disease. Before coming to us, prepare the following information:
– collect available documentation regarding your illness (also hospital discharge, diagnostic test results, etc.). If possible, ask your doctor for a copy of your medical records – as a patient, you always have the right to do it, but sometimes you will have to wait several days or pay for the photocopying – then cost will be refund from us.

– be prepared that the doctor will ask you for the following information (therefore it is better to have the documentation already prepared):
+ date of diagnosis,
+ previous treatment (it’s important to know the dates),
+ operations carried out (including those not related to the disease).

– prepare a list of all medicines currently being taken – the doctor will ask you not only about the name of the drug, but also the dose, when you receive it and for what reason.

If you decide to participate in the study, remember to inform your doctor about as well about later appearing diseases, new medicines and hospital stays. It is very important for us, so we can take care of you properly.


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