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The entire team is involved in the clinical trial: physicians, researchers, principal investigator, nurses, as well as the research coordinator who helps in the implementation of the procedures described in the study protocol and constitutes a great help for the clinical team.


The researcher is the doctor who conducts the patients in a clinical trial. Patients receive the so-called test substance. The investigator’s duty is to conduct visits with participants in the study – in accordance with its protocol, guidelines of GCP (Good Clinical Practice) and Polish regulations. Like any doctor, the co-researcher provides patients with the best medical care. Additional responsibilities resulting from working in a clinical trial may include more frequent telephone contact with the patient; in addition to regular paper documentation, researchers are required to enter information into the electronic test databases. Before starting work, each doctor is thoroughly trained in the procedures in force for a given examination.


Chief Researcher
The Chief Researcher is the physician responsible for the entire clinical trial at the center. His duty is to supervise the safety of all patients participating in the study and the work of the entire research team and all doctors in the study. Often, he also actively recruits patients. He does not have to, but he can lead patients as well as other researchers.

The Chief Researcher oversees all work in a clinical trial in accordance with the rules adopted by world-leading organizations such as the US Food and Drug Administration. These rules are compiled in the Good Clinical Practices Principles.

A physician who decides to be a primary investigator may offer his patients the opportunity to receive unconfirmed but promising treatments, and at the same time take an active part in assessing the effectiveness and safety of these drugs.

Our team will do their best to facilitate your start in clinical trials.
If you want to learn more about the clinical trials themselves, please visit the Patient Department about clinical trials.


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