PI-House is a perfect place to work and to gain experience for doctors of various specialties.



We work with doctors of many specialties who perform the functions of researchers in research teams or carry out specialist consultations. Researchers have professional experience in their specialty. New Main Investigators always have experience in conducting research at least as co-investigators. All doctors who are members of the team have GCP certificates, we monitor their timeliness. In each Study, according to the requirements of the Sponsor, experienced doctors are trained and trained in performing scales and assessments specific to a given specialty and research.


Research Coordinators are an important element of the research team. They supervise the organization of research in our center, support the researchers in the service of systems (IWRS / IVRS, EDC), supervise the medicine and send samples. The Team of Coordinators is complemented by the Coordinator of the Center, which is an organizational bridge between the activities of auxiliary staff and researchers. All coordinators have valid GCP and IATA certificates.
Both Researchers and Coordinators have experience in handling electronic databases (Inform, Medidata), IWRS / IVRS systems (ERT, Clinphone, Almac, Suvoda, Lilly IWRS, Medpace IWRS, Bracket), central diagnostics (Quintiles, Covance, Medpace, ICON, ACM global, LKF, Quest Diagnostics, SYNARC, Bioclinica), devices received from the Sponsor and dedicated web portals (ERT, Cardiocore, PHT, SWEETSPOT, TRIALMAX).


Directly employed in clinical trials, support staff are nurses and lab technicians, whose work is managed by the Nurse Coordinator. Ladies have GCP and IATA certificates renewed every 2 years. They are also trained in resuscitation. Numerous staff allows for easy division into a blinded and blinded team if such is the Sponsor’s requirement. We have a team of nurses who have completed the course of vaccination.


The work of our Center is completed by an administrative team. The Secretariat performs uncomplicated activities necessary for efficient conducting clinical trials, such as: handling received and sent parcels, supervising the validity of equipment certificates, ensuring timely execution of non-specific training to study, such as GCP and IATA, providing necessary office materials, updating CVs sent to Sponsors, etc., etc.


Directing participants who come to the center to the appropriate researcher, caring for patients awaiting examination procedures.

The Coordinator of the Center

He supervises the tasks of the Secretariat regarding clinical trials, is responsible for the availability and training of auxiliary staff, correctness of nursing and laboratory procedures, maintaining the temperature of biological samples, test substances and medicines, for telephone and internet communications and for the efficiency and availability of equipment used in clinical trials.


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