PI-House is a perfect place to work and to gain experience for doctors of various specialties.


Centrum Badań Klinicznych PI-House sp. O.o. is a therapeutic entity entered in the register of medicinal entities. For this reason, we remain under the constant supervision of the sanitary-epidemiological station. In 2014, we implemented the ISO 9001: 2009 certification system dedicated to the organization of clinical trials and providing counseling.

We meet all Sponsor requirements for having our own organizational procedures in the form of so-called SOP (Standard Operation Procedures). They regulate all aspects of the Center’s operation and concern, among others: storage of test substances and biological samples, temperature monitoring as well as conduct in the event of danger of exceeding the set temperature range, use of a substitute power generator and internet connection (used in case of supply breaks), process sign informed consent, information flow, staff training, financial settlements, the use of unified forms for documenting the course of clinical trials and many others, such as the central synchronization of clocks.

The process of negotiating and signing contracts is reduced to a minimum. The average period of finalization of the contract from the commencement of negotiations to signing is 3 weeks, although this is basically dependent on the level of preparation of the contract content and the waiting periods for the Sponsor’s responses.

The start-up department deals with the allocation of research in the center.
Coordinator of the research at various stages deals with the Center Coordinator, research coordinators, Nurses Coordinator.

The salary of the researchers is settled through the center.
The administration of the center is responsible for the validity of certificates.
The Center supervises the proper, according to the protocol and GCP, conducting clinical trials.
We always try to adapt to the dates expected by pharmaceutical and CRO companies, so we are able to organize the signing of the contract, if necessary, even from day to day.


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Centrum Badań Klinicznych PI-House Sp. Z o.o.
Tax ID: 9571059089 | EU VAT number: PL9571059089 | REGON: 221506777
KRS: 0000394618 | Share capital: PLN 60,000
Entry in the Register of Executing Entities
Healing activity under number 000000154510
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