PI-House is a perfect place to work and to gain experience for doctors of various specialties.


The center covers an area of ​​600 m2, we have 3 medical offices and 12 offices with office equipment, computers and Internet access, and with separate, lockable cabinets for documentation of individual tests. We have several offices for blood, vaccination and nursing. These cabinets, equipped with certified equipment, are prepared for collecting, processing and packaging biological samples.

The room dedicated to tested substances meets all safety standards: no windows, no water lines, lockers and a safe intended for narcotic and psychotropic substances, whose storage in our center is under the supervision of the Provincial Pharmaceutical Inspectorate.

Our facilities also include a waiting room for patients with coffee and TV service, and a sanitary unit adapted to the needs of disabled people, and for staff; two sanitary facilities, including a shower, a stove and a social room.


Your security has the highest priority for us

Admission to the center, as well as to each of its two levels / ground floor and first floor / is coded, the entrance to the center is secured by a double door and an anti-burglar blind, the center is connected to an alarm system monitored by a certified company, the windows on the ground floor all, without exception, are secured with bars.

We meet the standards of fire protection, disinfection, disinfestation, pest control, and utilization of medical waste, including test substances. In each of these areas, we remain under the documented control of the relevant authorities.

We also have our own power generator in case of power outages, about which we are notified by an automated SMS system. We also receive an automatic SMS notifications in the case of exceeding the set room temperature (with monitored access) for storage of IMP. We have appropriate internal procedures ensuring rapid intervention in the case of the above mentioned threats.

After the clinical trial is completed, the documentation is stored in the archive, with limited, monitored access, controlled temperature and humidity, under the control of a flood detector.


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